Fortress CONTOUR Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy NOTE 20 - $ 200 Protection


Scratches and cracks are ugly and expensive to fix, and devalue your phone. Protect your $1,000 investment with the unparalleled protection of Fortress CONTOUR.


Why Fortress Glass?

  • EASY INSTALLATION- With Fortress's easy installer, the Fortress Focus, your glass will fit perfect every time. Say goodbye to uneven glass and ugly bubbles.
  • A GREAT LOOK- Fortress Glass provides a clear window to your phone. And with anti-fingerprint technology, your phone won't have gross smudge marks.
  • TOP OF THE LINE PROTECTION- Never worry about dropping your phone again. Fortress Glass gives you piece of mind that your screen is safe no matter what.


Fortress Tempered Glass:

1X Tempered Glass Screen Protector w/ Fortress Focus (that green thing attached to the glass, it helps you get the perfect install) 

1X Install Pack:

        -1x Wipe: Prep Formula (antibacterial agent, nanometer activator, degreasing agent, antistatic agent)

        -2x Tactical Dust Removal Stickers: that dust has GOT TO GO!

        -1x Microfiber cloth


Fortress QUANTUM offers device screen coverage of $200 protection on your screen replacement when our screen protection is installed. That's how confident we are in our protection!

For full details regarding the Fortress OATH, please visit

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